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Maintenance Training

Peter Wright IEng MIPlantE MSOE CertEd

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PLC Programming and Maintenance

PLC Courses

PLC Courses
Highly sought after training.

These 4day PLC courses assume no previous knowledge of PLCs. They begin with very basic operations to become familiar with the PLC hardware, the programming software and the PLC instruction set.

One of the wiring and programming exercises uses the automated conveyors above.

Which PLC would you like to use on the 4day PLC course ? Ask for the Learning Outcomes

PLC Skills are vital for the Maintenance Engineer
These are very high value skills.

Until the 1980s, electrical controls for automated machinery were based on relay logic where lots of relays and often timers and counters were hardwired together in a big control panel to create the sequence control for the machine.

This heavy reliance on electromechanical switching devices and the many hundreds of wire terminations invariably resulted in maintenance and reliability problems over a period of time.

So, when even basic PLCs came along, the electrical reliability of machinery improved dramatically because all of the old relay logic was  taken over by a CPU which of course has no moving parts. Not only that, the PLC system could be programmed by a maintenance electrician because the PLC program was represented in a format the electrician was already quite familiar with .....                  The Ladder Diagram.

Today, the PLC incorporates a staggering range of control features, it can be connected to data networks and interfaced with other automation control devices.

Many programs incorporate Data Values stored in a menu to create control of the logic and plant processes. So, it’s vital to be able to View these data values in real time as the machine is sequencing, otherwise, it could be argued, effective fault finding might not be possible.

With just a few days’ training, it’s possible to gain the valuable skills needed to interrogate the PLC program online for fault finding on automated plant and machinery.



These 4day courses are carried out at our training venue at BTMC Blackburn 


Each course costs just 745+Vat per delegate at BTMC Blackburn.                     For each course there is an optional EAL Certificate of Verified Achievement at 55 each course on satisfactory completion.

EAL certification

Skills Assessments or Review
Practical Skills Assessments can be carried out at BTMC Blackburn to assess training needs.

Written testing or examinations can be carried out at BTMC Blackburn or online if preferred.


Buddy Training         Workplace Skills Training, lots of help available for customers. Example systems and worksheets for you to use or adapt.



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