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Maintenance Training

Peter Wright IEng MIPlantE MSOE CertEd

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Short Courses and Bespoke Courses

Short Courses and Bespoke Courses
Here’s a group of popular short courses perfect for developing a skills profile to exactly fit a specific role within the workplace. We often create specialist or bespoke courses for our customers at no extra cost.

Industrial Electronics Training
Electropneumatics Training
Inverter course

Industrial Electronics Training
This 3day course overviews a wide range of electronic components including:- Resistors, Capacitors, Diodes, Zeners, Transistors, Thyristors, Triacs, Thermistors, Leds, LDRs, Timer ICs, Logic ICs, TTL and Cmos. There are lots of soldering exercises on the course which culminates in the construction of an IC based project and calculation of simple waveshapes using the oscilloscope.

 Costs 495+Vat per delegate


Electropneumatics Training
This is a 2day course covering the fundamentals of Electropneumatics. The course assumes no previous knowledge of Pneumatics. The many practical exercises undertaken ensures that a good evaluation of  components and circuits takes place.

 Costs 475+Vat per delegate


Inverter Drives Course
This 1day course assumes no previous knowledge of motor speed control and allows a specialist field to be undertaken  with reference to only basic electrical principles and motor formulae. The course delivers practice at selecting the correct motor for the drive, setting general parameters and then setting up more advanced drive parameters for given load characteristics. Setting the drive to operate from a potentiometer is also covered.

Costs 295+Vat per delegate



These courses are carried out at our training venue at BTMC Blackburn 



Course costs are as stated.                  

A Short Course certificate is awarded on satisfactory completion of each course


Skills Assessments or Review
Practical Skills Assessments can be carried out at BTMC Blackburn to assess training needs.

Written testing or examinations can be carried out at BTMC Blackburn or online if preferred.



Mitsubishi basic PLCs
Industrial Sensors course

Introduction to PLCs
This 2day PLC course assumes no previous knowledge of PLCs but uses the Mitsubishi FX to give a thorough understanding at basic to intermediate level. The course identifies the hardware componentsof the PLC, its Inputs and Outputs and their addressing. It uses simulator switches to evaluate many programmable instructions using both the HHPP and the FX programming software to include AND, OR, Latch, N/O, N/C, Timer, Counter instructions.

 Costs 425+Vat per delegate

Industrial Sensors
This 1day course allows correct identification of industrial sensors in terms of their physical and electrical characteristics so that the correct replacement be sought for maintenance purposes. The operating principle and PSU requirements are evaluated for a range of sensor types including Inductive, Capacitive, Photoelectric and in versions PNP, NPN and N/O, N/C. Lots of practical and use of a propriatory test instrument.

Costs 275+Vat per delegate

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