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Peter Wright IEng MIPlantE MSOE CertEd

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 PLC Training with Mitsubishi FX

Mitsubishi PLC Training
This training assumes no previous knowledge of PLCs and is suitable for a wide range of engineers including Electricians, Line Technicians, Service Engineers and for anyone needing to upskill into the area of PLC Maintenance and Automation.           These are highly sought after skills bringing people from all over the world.

This course has an optional certificate available that is awarded by EAL

Mitsubishi Training

Mitsubishi PLC Training
at Blackburn BTMC

This is a very popular 4day course using the very common Mitsubishi FX PLC.

Here is just a very brief overview of the course operations, please ask for the Learning Outcomes Pack for this course, this clearly defines the course structure and identifies all of the learning points

  • Advantages of PLC over Hardwired systems
  • PLC Inputs and Outputs, addressing and protection 
  • PLC system interfacing, number systems, architecture
  • Setting up the programming communications
  • Using the editing software to create simple programs
  • Evaluating the PLC instructions and creating logic using:-
  • AND, OR, Latch with N/O and N/C elements
  • Internal memory relays or bits. Shift Register
  • Timers, Counters, Comparators, Zone and Limit devices
  • Storing Data Values in various formats
  • Wire up and write a program for an air cyl sequencer
  • Wire up and write a program for an  automated conveyor system using many I/O devices.



These 4day courses are carried out at our training venue at BTMC Blackburn, Junc 6 on the M65 


Each course costs just 745+Vat per delegate at BTMC Blackburn.                     For each course there is an optional EAL Certificate of Verified Achievement at 55 per course on satisfactory completion.

  EAL certification

Skills Assessments or Review
Practical Skills Assessments can be carried out at BTMC Blackburn to assess training needs.

Written testing or examinations can be carried out at BTMC Blackburn or online if preferred.



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