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Peter Wright IEng MIPlantE MSOE CertEd

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Electrical Maintenance Training Part 1

Electrical Skills Training

Electrical Maintenance Training Part 1                 This 5day course assumes no previous knowledge of Electrical Maintenance.

It is most suitable for Mechanical Engineers, Line Technicians, Service Engineers and for anyone needing to upskill into the area of electrical maintenance.

There are ten units of practical and theory aimed directly at electrical maintenance work. The course covers in depth the principles behind our electrical testing procedures, so that confident testing of cables, 3phase motors and automation devices can be achieved.The course has optional EAL Certification

The focus is on real understanding, which is vital to enable fault finding procedures to be well structured and have effective outcomes.

Electrical Maintenance Training
Here is just a brief overview of the course activities. Please ask for the Learning Outcomes Pack for Electrical Maintenance Training Part 1. This defines all of the learning points on the course.

  • Standard Form .... Engineering Units used in Electrical Work
  • Legislation governing the use of electricity.... Electricity at Work  and 17th Edition Regulations
  • Current Flow .... The factors which allow current to flow through a conductor and not through an insulator
  • The Electrical Circuit .... emf, current, resistance and Ohms Law. Measurement using the multimeter
  • Testing cables for continuity and insulation resistance faults .... use of Megger and Multimeter (Assessment)
  • Industrial Power Supply Voltages .... AC and DC .... 3phase and 1phase supply’s.... Panel Voltages
  • Motors .... construction, operation and fault finding on a 6 terminal 3phase motor (Assessment)
  • Electrical Hazards .... Direct and Indirect contact, new definitions, protection against electric shock and arcing
  • Isolation and Switching .... Isolation and Testing for Dead to GS38 (Assessment)
  • Devices for circuit protection. Types of Overcurrent, fuses, circuit breakers, thermal overloads, PMCBs, RCDs
  • Building Motor control circuits using IEC drawings, Eg Start/Stop with remote Start/Stop (Assessment)



These courses are carried out at our training venue at BTMC Blackburn. This is genuinely easy to find at Junc 6 of the M65 with plenty of good places to stay nearby.


Each course costs just 745 + Vat per delegate at BTMC Blackburn.

For each course there is an optional EAL certificate at 55 per course on satisfactory completion.

   EAL certification


Skills Assessments or Review
Practical Skills Assessments can be carried out at BTMC Blackburn to assess training needs.

Written testing or examinations can be carried out at BTMC Blackburn or online if preferred.


Buddy Training         Workplace Skills Training, lots of help available for customers. Example systems and worksheets for you to use or adapt.



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